You don’t ‘feel like it’, you are ‘not in the mood’, you ‘don’t want to’ … but yet down inside you envision and hope and dream for not only things to be different but for you yourself to be different. I’m going to tell you something. If your pattern is to wait until you feel like it its never going to really happen. There where be moments where you ride the wave but they will be fleeting. Happiness, energy, productivity, fitness, creativity, accomplishment, love making, adventure – whatever goals and attributes of life and identity you want to happen, that you want to become will not occur if behavior does not come first. First you perceive (create a vision in your mind) then you behave (act) and then you will become. As Scott Sonnon rightly said ” We don’t merely behave how we feel; we feel how we behave: it’s a two-way biochemical street. No matter how you may feel right now, act how you wish you felt and create the state-change though the doing.” Act, the mood will take care of itself. Why let something like ‘mood’ dictate your life in the first place? You want more energy-get off the sofa and move. You want to be a writer, write. You want be kinder, show kindness to others with you feel like it or not. You want to be strong grab that kettle-bell. You want to have a better love life with your partner, will you get the idea. Mood follows action. Action creates. Thoughts might show you the door but it is action which gets you out there.
Perceive BEHAVE Become.

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