Back by Popular Demand

A beautiful New Year to all High Mesa Fitness® students and friends.

I am here to announce the return of the High Mesa W.O.W (workout of the week). Several of you have recently made the request and I’d like to honor it.
To make this a viable service I will need have at least 10 people sign up with a commitment of at least 2 months. The cost will be 25.00 per month, to paid via paypal for the time being.

As per the past, all subscribers will receive a workout flow the beginning of each week to implement as their weekly training for whatever the fitness goals they have, or as a compliment to other training they might be doing. It stands alone or in harmony with other modes of exercise. For instance you might be enjoying the slopes a lot this winter, or getting reading for a spring 1/2 marathon, or maybe have returned to the dojo. Either way one will want some solid trusted conditioning to construct a rock hard foundation.

The base of each weeks workout will be body weight training, a.k.a calisthenics, but might also include kettle bells, clubs, rings, medicine balls, or other props. Along the way I will make suggestions of gear you should have access to either in a gym or at home… and honestly I feel a home based gym always the best. Not that I don’t like a good ol classic iron dojo. Other modes of training will be incorporated include moving in outdoors, in nature, with a bow to Bush Parkour®, Mobility training (joint mobility and haha yoga), and ‘natural gymnastics’. This is all focused with cultivating a love of movement and even play, while engage in exertion and purifying perspiration – a true holy water.

Each weeks flow will have adjustments for what ever level is most appropriate for you. This is not merely for one demographic. We are all on this path together.

Two new aspects that will be added are a upgraded delivery format rather a plain email, and video tutoring.

Anticipated launch date is set for Feb 1st.

To sign up send a email to . Subject line W.O.W. 2016 . Simply say “YES’ in the message. Questions are of course welcomed.

I look forward to hearing from you and envision a magnificent year for all of us with robust vigor, health, and peace.

In strength and courage,
Coach Joe Sheader


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