I have no doubt that to live a flourishing life one must live simply, yet instead we complicate it sometimes to the point of fubar. We over involve ourselves, fall prey to the glut and marketing of greed, generate or at least participate in drama, give way to our reptilian id over good sense and virtue, busy ourselves with the trivial, neglect the value and wisdom of sweeping the floor, chopping wood, carrying water, running a trail; we let, yes let if not outright invite every little snowflake to ruffle our feathers to the point that being uptight is our modus operandi; feed and rehearse the fear of what doesn’t matter over the practice of what does. Living a life in which you flourish is honestly not that difficult, you only make it so. You still have a choice, every day, every breath. Everyone of us has this choice, whatever our station or predicament in life is.


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