I love all seasons and weather and condtions. Some might be uncomfortable but I practice not to complain of them. That only fosters more destructive resistance and patterns within while cultivating a ever shrinking adaptation to the environment.. Most people are so addicted to comfort that a degree up or down sends them into a whinny hissy fit. As with any kind of aversion a lot of energy is wasted. The key is in not minding. Be it wet and cold, hot and dry, windy, cloudy, whatever. It is no different that the exertion experienced on a run or race, lifting iron, holding a yoga pose. Not minding is liberating and paradoxally enables greater awareness and much better performance. These are teachers. Likewise it builds equnimity for all the “weather” one encouters in life.
Okay all that being said I do smile at the thought of autumn coming round the next bend. All at the speed of the verse.

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