Golden Leaf

A beautiful 2 days in Snowmass/Aspen running the GL 1/2 marathon. It was beautiful beyond imagination with parts wonderfully brutal.Great climbs, several stream crossings, dazzling aspen in the sun, screaming downhills, gnarly long dicy rocky sections, breathtaking views (it was high elevation after all but oxygen is over-rated.) With a low milage build up I ran conservative for the first 6, then set the hammer down.. so much Chi I couldn’t help it. Moved back up 50 or so places.. no walking (never any walking), one wardrobe malfunction with a shoe that cost a few minutes.. but finished respectively in the top 10 % of the race (1000 entries) and top few in my age group. Linda with only a few weeks of devoted training kept her pace and tenacity and finished with smile on her face.. impressive what can happen when you engage the mind.

Many think I just want to ‘beat’ people. Anyone who truly understands competition realizes your competitors are your best mates.. they are there to enable you to bring out the best in yourself, to bring out excellence, and for you to bring it out in them.. this is why when I ran and caught up to people yesterday I told them to stay with me.. I knew they had more in them and we could bring the best out in each other. All that being said even if I did that exact run next year but entirely by myself I’d still be looking for ways to to do it with more excellence, more power, more grace, more strength, more flow… note also that doesn’t mean I’d enjoy it more or less….don’t put off enjoyment.. be pleased with every effort.. for all its worth.. likewise don’t become satisfied and complacent either. Why do you think the Olympic laurels were made of grape vines instead of gold.



Its not your body holding you down…

Ladies, of course you can do pullups! as with anything in training its simply a matter of intelligent progression and faith in yourself.
Pull-Ups today? (complements to and video by Pauline Nordin)