Regarding genetics. Its true we all have genetic predispositions that work for or against us… though most all predispositions at one time worked for us or they would not yet be with us…just that sometimes those predispositions can under different circumstances (like a sedentary life and fake-food) become maladaptive. That being said there never was a gene selection for being out of shape, foregoing healthy exercise, or foregoing proper nutrition etc. No such gene could have been passed on! So when I hear people claim they are overweight, or sick all the time, or in pain all the time, etc because of their genes that doesn’t really hold water. No offense but its bunk, its an excuse. Its true they may have predispositions that due to their lifestyle makes them more susceptible to particular conditions but predispositions, of which we all have, are not fate. They are to be responded to appropriately. Its everyones birthright and heritage to be a fit healthy human, just as your ancestors were. Only Zoo animals suffer such. Don’t be a zoo human.aborigines


One thought on “Predispositions

  1. Note this is not a judgment of anyone nor a condemnation. There are many factors in being overweight for instance, including toxins in the environment which aggravate problems, the way someone was raised, the available resources, many factors. It may not entirely be one’s fault but it is one’s responsibility. Nothing is guaranteed but one can radically increase the odds in their favor to live a healthy robust life by embracing a life of movement, fitness, sound nutrition. There is no excuse for tossing in the towel because its “my genes”.

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