I am not a christian, theist, nor supernaturalist. I don’t feel this life is but a waiting room for the deferred gratuity of another to come or a way station for us to exploit or assert some false sense of dominion. I feel this is it and each day I celebrate the beauty and truth of being alive for the smallest fraction of time in a ever unfolding universe even if not especially on the challenging days. I am wholly at peace with a vibrant spiritual sense because of this. Thus I find great value in the deep enchantment of life come awake and anew each spring and affirm each who also celebrates this in their own way including, as I echo my bro Steven Blondeau’s post today ‘those who truly practice a Christianity that seeks to care for others and the world around them.’ So again I bid you all a happy Eostre with all the eros, fertility, renewal, and aliveness you can muster.