and at least one of the coolest races in the world.. Coming up in only a few days. I’m pulling for them all but yeah have special hopes for Aliy and Dallas.


People ask

The Useless Tree by the fourth century BCE Chinese Philosopher Chuang Tzu, now known as Zhuangzi. 

There was once an old man who took his grandson to the top of a hill, where stood a solitary tree. Its trunk was knotted and gnarled, its branches twisted and bent. The boy turned to his grandfather and asked why he had brought him to this tree.
The old man smiled and gestured to the barren land around them.
“Once the earth here was covered with tall trunked, straight limbed trees, but the woodcutters came and cut them all down for their timber.”
“But why didn’t they take this one?” asked the boy.
“Because it is of no use to them,” answered the Grandfather.
And the two sat down in the shade of the useless tree and shared stories.
“what ya doing since you got off facebook for the month and why?” First off in spite of various rumors I did not check out of reality or out of town. I do feel I’ve checked a bit more back into reality. I’m finding instead of facebook, or online media (canceled cable start of the year too) at all, I’m simply more interested in reading really old Japanese or Chinese poetry (above), training with sword and sinew, listening to the snow and rain fall, picking up my guitar or navajo flute, playing with my huskies and a entire life, even while working, closer to the earth and sky, and old trees. 


There can be no true significant healing or growth in any area of our mind without the corresponding movement in the body. We are psychosomatic beings. The body mind split is a delusion of dualism. Likewise neglect of one’s physicality be it movement in exercise, sexuality, or attention to nutrition will inevitably lead to depressive and or anxious states of being and dysfunction, including in ALL relationships.