In memory of Carl…

I don’t think that the sacred necessarily has to do with the supernatural. In fact, the fact that we call the supernatural, the supernatural rather than the sub-natural reveals our contempt for nature, reveals our lack of a sense of how sacred life is. What is science telling us? It is telling us that we live as part of thirteen and a half billion year continuity, that as Carl said so magnificently that we are star stuff…that every gene, bone, molecule of our physical reality, of ourselves, were formed in the hearts of distance stars. Science is revealing the oneness of all things, of life. It tells us in countless different ways. So for me, the natural is the thing we should hold highest. That’s one thing I learned from Carl; That nature is far more magnificent than anything we can imagine. If we had a spiritual approach to nature, which was grounded in nature, as opposed to the conventional religions, which are in so many ways not only not grounded in nature, but are contemptuous of what is natural, that might be why we are unable to awaken ourselves from the stupor we are in, in terms of the way we treat each other and the way we treat this planet. -Ann Druyan, speaking of her late husband Carl Sagan.



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