PSA: To any of you out there who moan and groan about winter and cold and snow I t&f the real issue is that you are not embracing it. You are addicted to comfort. You fight and resist and hunker down into a sedentary dark life depleted of Vit D and fresh air and rich in sugar and grey moods. I’d be miserable too. You want to be free of that? It won’t happen by taking a trip to the tropics as it will be waiting for you upon your return. The key is rather to engage winter for all its worth. None of this hibernating nonsense…that’s no more than a form of avoidance. Buy a layer of smart wool base layer if you need to and get out there! Make snowmen, play with dogs, learn to snowshoe and xc ski, maybe ice climb, hike and run, and become a winter athlete. It is one of the most amazing times of the year and one day might become all to rare. Get out of your rut and off your butt and cultivate a love of the mind of winter.Image


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