You are your habits, simple as that. Don’t like what/who that is change your habits, your patterns. You might need assistance and or support but change ’em. No one is an island. Its about causality, not wither you are ‘good’ or ‘bad’ , weak or strong, old or young. To change the effects change the causes even and especially if it means putting yourself into situations that will bring out in you and forge the person you want to be. In time the new patterns will determine who you unfold to be. We are all a dynamic effect of numerous causes. That is a challenge, sometimes sobering sometimes liberating… it is also a opportunity. Don’t think this is limited to sinew and form of body, or things you can do, this is even more so frame of mind and thought. Change your mind about who you are > change your habits > change who you are. Perceive Behave Become.


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