The Way

“The way is in training” yet so few truly train anymore nor have any idea what that means. Some few exercise…but few, very few train.




Uncontrolled and uncontrollable activities are a threat to those who rule the system. The more physically sedentary you become, and the more constantly wired and technology-connected you become, the more controlled and controllable you become. – Erwan LeCorre

How are you practicing freedom each day? Are you plugged in? Its not unlike a leash is it?

Are you moving? Are you getting outside? Are you thinking new thoughts or only those proposed to you by the powers that be, the media, the clergy, the glut of advertisers? 

When did you last consider the thoughts of the wind, of your own breath, of the leaves underfoot, the exertion of muscle and sinew, of stars and sky and stream?

Evict the deadweight and Exit the cage. Go. Move. Now. 


Awe, wonder, the numinous, the profound, beauty, sacredness…these experiences are not the private property of religion. Rather religion, at least in its supernatural and theistic expressions, serves only to prostitute the awe and the mystery. It bottles our essence and tries putting a lid on the wonder we naturally feel. It fails of course. Religion points to the man behind the curtain in an attempt answer the mystery. When in reality, there is no one there. The mystery is just that; mystery.

(thoughts inspired by living outside the boundaries, words inspired in part by and