Announcement! 100 Day Challenge Equinox to Solstice

Who is up for joining me in a 100 Day Challenge? Equinox to Solstice. An opportunity for a significant metamorphosis across the physical and mental spectrum. 

We are all in our nature seasonal creatures as any other animal and I think all of you from time to time need a change of venue, a kick in the butt, a time for change. I know I do now and then. Autumn has so much frigging energy to it not to mention the usually supreme weather so this is a excellent time to engage an across the board practice of transformation.
Here is the offer.
I am asking you to join me in this 100 day challenge/opportunity. In a sense its a hundred day intensive or Sesshin (what Zen Buddhists call a retreat) but that doesn’t mean it will be all hardcore bootcamp. In fact, the whole purpose is to regather vitality and restore strength, grace, ease in our fitness and our life in full. 
Yes I will be engaging this too. I will hold you accountable and you will hold me accountable. 
So if you are interested and not afraid of commitment which will, if followed thru, enable significant positive evolution to your being contact me at  asap. We begin this week!Image

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