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To be ANIMAL is to be human. Movement and Sex

animalis – to have breath, endowed with spirit ,be animate/move

I remain astonished in our ever more obese and sedentary culture the resistance to engage in the very actions that would alleviate the majority of ails that afflict. In my observation most people have become further from themselves that a hawk from the moon.  Often what I witness is this delusional idea that once everything is just so then they would like to start exercising and enjoying more sexual intimacy… yet don’t realize these are the stepping stones to making everything just so in the first place. Commit each day to even twenty minutes of moving/training and at least one sexual engagement and it will change everything.

Few realize that movement and sex are probably, not probably, definitely the two most powerful forces for change, health, energy, peace, wholeness there are. Instead people turn to video games, booze, tv, shopping, drugs, meds, whatever, which only avoid and worsen the stuckness and stress they experience almost all the time. You want vitality you have to practice vitality.