No true health

There simply cannot be any true mental health and vitality without physical health and vitality. We are evolved psychosomatic beings and any cartesian duality (perpetuated by society and religion) is a delusion.. and a destructive one at that. There are no short cuts, no way around this. As Dr. George Sheehan said, The mind’s first step to self-awareness must be through the body.Image

One thought on “No true health

  1. Not at all. Simply because he is disabled does not mean he is not highly engaged with his physical being. He has stated as much. I find some of the most in touch and vibrant whole people are those whom have found themselves disabled, even severely disabled, yet foster an awareness and attention to their physicality and vibrancy as much as they are allowed. In fact much more than a good many people who otherwise able bodied voluntarily paralyze themselves into the comfy chair with naught but bag of chips and tv remote indicative of any actual movement.

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