Top Heavy

Obviously I am not opposed to rational thought and critical thinking. In fact, I feel there is deficiet rational thought and a surplus of magical thinking.. That being said the following reading by Mike Donker is true…. most people are top heavy and detached from theirbodies.. heck they still think they have a body rather than the reality that they ARE a body. Disease, depression, anxiety, sexual inhibition and disinterest, lethargy, et. all .. all from being in the head too much. The solution= engaging back into the body and nature. Get outside, go for a walk, run, workout, have sex… get out of your frigging head way more often and into the rest of your body where all the rest of the ‘thinking’ and ‘feeling’ is happening.
Again I repeat, the solution is NOT on the sofa, in a computer game, within a medication, on tv, found in a book, or in a bottle … its getting up, getting out there, and engaging a more vigourous life… and dear god don’t wait until or only if you are in the mood. Mood follows action… not the other way around.
“The only intelligence we value is academic intelligence, the intelligence of the thinking brain. We reward this with status in the form of money and other material things, all of it external stuff. This means a lot of energy is going to the top, to our heads, causing us to be stuck in rational thought. But rational thought is amoral and often immoral, which means we can reason away anything and everything.
Translated to our organs, the energy is top-down: from the head to the heart to the guts. That is exactly the wrong way around. Have you ever watched a flower, plant or tree grow upside down? Think also about the route our food takes: we digest it in our bowels, it is then transported to the heart, which pumps the blood around, and only then does it reach the head. Isn’t it interesting to observe that our body does not give priority to our head and the extremities when it comes to the transportation of blood, but instead gives priority to the vital organs in our abdominal and chest cavities? If our bodies follow that order then why don’t we? Instead, we’re stuck in thought and are unable to develop feelings about our experiences, let alone digest them.
Being inside our heads is disease number one in the western world. No wonder there’s so much depression, heart disease and bowel complaints! You can free yourself from this today by deciding to make changes in your life. The closer you are to nature, the closer you are to your own nature. Disease is a reminder that you are too far removed from nature. This is the true meaning of disease.”

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