Yoga, Christianity, & Religion.

So the article below alludes to yoga as essentially a ‘devils exercise’ as I’ve heard it before. I think pretty much every Yoga teacher (and a good many theologians and people of common sense)  I’ve ever known would find this absolutely ludicrous. First off near anything from washing the dishes to lifting weights to yoga can be a integral part of ones ‘spirituality’ and perhaps should be. This does not mean however, that if you do yoga you are engaging the Hindu religion any more than if you are a distance runner you are practicing the Deni, Hopi, Zuni or any other number of Native American traditions that regard running as an integral part of their religion. Furthermore the yoga traditions of India were by and large a ‘secular’ alternative to the religious expression of Hinduism, in some cases even a polemic against it.  I don’t doubt part of this is that yoga is a denial of the Cartesian body-mind split that has infected Christianity and imparted a even deeper disregard towards earth and body than existed already in the tradition. Avoid those who would ever demonize movement, earth, vitality, simply because of their ignorance and fear.


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