Thoughts on such horror…

I don’t want to dwell on these horrific events today (here and in China) only this…Though there are likely areas gun control can and should be tightened and our ‘radar’ can be enhanced to spot these nut-cases before they do damage the underlying issue are the causes in society that generate people like this in the first place. That has to be addressed or no amount of gun control or laws will ever do much. As a society I feel we’ve traded in values and virtues for dogma and ideology. We have formed a way of living and being that is ever more dysfunctional producing a ever greater number of pathological people. We are addicted to comfort, to mediocrity, to entertainment…entertainment that deadens our sensitivity to what is right and wise like an opiate from a back den in Peshawar. A shift is required or we will, I fear, continue to circle the drain into idocracy and violence. The sentiment of offered prayer is a good thing though without the followup of being a actual part of the solution I feel essentially a passive cop out and a repulsive one I’m sick of seeing. Be the change!!!!!!!


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