The Pursuit…

Happiness. Are you? You keep waiting for it to arrive like a Christmas present each day? I have no doubt your deserve it. I do. Most do. Yet happiness rarely arrives, not on its own at least.  It is a skill. Most don’t realize this. Happiness doesn’t come any more readily than picking up a guitar having never been taught or practiced it and playing it right off. I think most people who are unhappy are so because they pick up the ‘guitar’ again and again and are dismayed that music doesn’t come out of it like a radio, so they set it down in frustration and go back to whatever they were doing before. The state of being called ‘Happy’ is a skill set. Some days the practice goes well, others not, but you still improve if you keep at it and you enjoy it more and more and in time it is not something you merely do but something you are.  You see, everything in life that is worthwhile takes attentive practice.. athletics, music, writing, art, meditation, …. why would it not be so with happiness? 

“The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem” Capt. Jack Sparrow


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