To be entranced, not enspelled

“I put a capital N on Nature and call it my church.” ~ Frank Lloyd Wright

(I ‘confess’ some of the following thoughts are inspired by the words of others whose names I have lost.)

ImageIt’s Sunday and what’s my High Mass? Fresh air, vigorous exercise, and a wilderness path calling. As is often the case, I awake and step outside into the snow kissed morning to greet the rising sun with my huskies, and find this urge to yell out “Hey! Have you heard the incredible news? The Universe is actually not ran by ‘a’ petty god(s)or mean spirited demons, or angelic forces, a supernatural, or quasi new age forces, vying for souls (and of course for money..deities are always short on either blood or money). That instead the universe is filled with beautiful natural laws and elements that move and flow and unfold, seemingly dance and stream through a near endless expanding space, combining and recombining to create countless forms and possibilities…and sometimes they come together and naturally emerge into wonders like earths full of oceans and cells and DNA filled life forms that create culture, art, songs, stories, and compassion. And those components of this weaving you call “you” will also deconstruct, reconstruct and evolve themselves for millennia in an ever expanding cosmic flow. Have a great day!”

We are the cosmos made conscious and life is the means by which the universe understands itself. – Professor Brian Cox

(photo complements of Denali National Park photographers)


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