Blessings to you from mother earth,
She watches over all of us with plenty
Blessings to you from father sky,
who holds us up providing strength.
Blessings to you from this great mysterious verse,
that binds us all together:
Man to womyn; beast to beast; all.
We are it and it is us.
May you have a wonder filled Holiday.
The time has come for light to be reborn
Let us all rejoice in its rebirth and ours.

Yoga, Christianity, & Religion.

So the article below alludes to yoga as essentially a ‘devils exercise’ as I’ve heard it before. I think pretty much every Yoga teacher (and a good many theologians and people of common sense)  I’ve ever known would find this absolutely ludicrous. First off near anything from washing the dishes to lifting weights to yoga can be a integral part of ones ‘spirituality’ and perhaps should be. This does not mean however, that if you do yoga you are engaging the Hindu religion any more than if you are a distance runner you are practicing the Deni, Hopi, Zuni or any other number of Native American traditions that regard running as an integral part of their religion. Furthermore the yoga traditions of India were by and large a ‘secular’ alternative to the religious expression of Hinduism, in some cases even a polemic against it.  I don’t doubt part of this is that yoga is a denial of the Cartesian body-mind split that has infected Christianity and imparted a even deeper disregard towards earth and body than existed already in the tradition. Avoid those who would ever demonize movement, earth, vitality, simply because of their ignorance and fear.

Thoughts on such horror…

I don’t want to dwell on these horrific events today (here and in China) only this…Though there are likely areas gun control can and should be tightened and our ‘radar’ can be enhanced to spot these nut-cases before they do damage the underlying issue are the causes in society that generate people like this in the first place. That has to be addressed or no amount of gun control or laws will ever do much. As a society I feel we’ve traded in values and virtues for dogma and ideology. We have formed a way of living and being that is ever more dysfunctional producing a ever greater number of pathological people. We are addicted to comfort, to mediocrity, to entertainment…entertainment that deadens our sensitivity to what is right and wise like an opiate from a back den in Peshawar. A shift is required or we will, I fear, continue to circle the drain into idocracy and violence. The sentiment of offered prayer is a good thing though without the followup of being a actual part of the solution I feel essentially a passive cop out and a repulsive one I’m sick of seeing. Be the change!!!!!!!

The Pursuit…

Happiness. Are you? You keep waiting for it to arrive like a Christmas present each day? I have no doubt your deserve it. I do. Most do. Yet happiness rarely arrives, not on its own at least.  It is a skill. Most don’t realize this. Happiness doesn’t come any more readily than picking up a guitar having never been taught or practiced it and playing it right off. I think most people who are unhappy are so because they pick up the ‘guitar’ again and again and are dismayed that music doesn’t come out of it like a radio, so they set it down in frustration and go back to whatever they were doing before. The state of being called ‘Happy’ is a skill set. Some days the practice goes well, others not, but you still improve if you keep at it and you enjoy it more and more and in time it is not something you merely do but something you are.  You see, everything in life that is worthwhile takes attentive practice.. athletics, music, writing, art, meditation, …. why would it not be so with happiness? 

“The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem” Capt. Jack Sparrow

To be entranced, not enspelled

“I put a capital N on Nature and call it my church.” ~ Frank Lloyd Wright

(I ‘confess’ some of the following thoughts are inspired by the words of others whose names I have lost.)

ImageIt’s Sunday and what’s my High Mass? Fresh air, vigorous exercise, and a wilderness path calling. As is often the case, I awake and step outside into the snow kissed morning to greet the rising sun with my huskies, and find this urge to yell out “Hey! Have you heard the incredible news? The Universe is actually not ran by ‘a’ petty god(s)or mean spirited demons, or angelic forces, a supernatural, or quasi new age forces, vying for souls (and of course for money..deities are always short on either blood or money). That instead the universe is filled with beautiful natural laws and elements that move and flow and unfold, seemingly dance and stream through a near endless expanding space, combining and recombining to create countless forms and possibilities…and sometimes they come together and naturally emerge into wonders like earths full of oceans and cells and DNA filled life forms that create culture, art, songs, stories, and compassion. And those components of this weaving you call “you” will also deconstruct, reconstruct and evolve themselves for millennia in an ever expanding cosmic flow. Have a great day!”

We are the cosmos made conscious and life is the means by which the universe understands itself. – Professor Brian Cox

(photo complements of Denali National Park photographers)