We are our origins..

photo by NPS rangers DNP late summer 2012

We are all, 99.9%, give or take, creatures of the Pleistocene; yet society, culture, religion, job, friends, family, even spouses expect, instruct, insist, engineer us to keep this under-wraps, repressed, closeted away, caged, shunned. . . and we wonder why we are so f__ked up?  Look to the Pleistocene and you will discover your original nature; physically, emotionally, instinctively, relationally. Reflect on this on how you may enflesh this original nature in your time and place. 

‎”When we grasp fully that the best expressions of our humanity were not invented by civilization but by cultures that preceded it, that the natural world is not only a set of constraints but of contexts within which we can more fully realize our dreams, we will be on the way to a long overdue reconciliation between opposites which are of our own making.”  -Paul Shepherd


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