A dept of Gratitude and Responsibility

There are some historians and scientists who say if it were not for this man the earth would likely be not only radically different than it is now but much less inhabitable. How many even know who he is?Image


We are our origins..

photo by NPS rangers DNP late summer 2012

We are all, 99.9%, give or take, creatures of the Pleistocene; yet society, culture, religion, job, friends, family, even spouses expect, instruct, insist, engineer us to keep this under-wraps, repressed, closeted away, caged, shunned. . . and we wonder why we are so f__ked up?  Look to the Pleistocene and you will discover your original nature; physically, emotionally, instinctively, relationally. Reflect on this on how you may enflesh this original nature in your time and place. 

‎”When we grasp fully that the best expressions of our humanity were not invented by civilization but by cultures that preceded it, that the natural world is not only a set of constraints but of contexts within which we can more fully realize our dreams, we will be on the way to a long overdue reconciliation between opposites which are of our own making.”  -Paul Shepherd