Do ya really?

Check out the vibrant physiques of these Filipino Eskrimadors from days past. Do you think they ever ate fast food or food products? Do you think they consumed frankengrain based carbs in their diet? Do you think they drank soda, grazed on chips, rewarded themselves with ice-cream every night? Likewise do you think they stayed tuned in to latest supplements and protein powders and electrolyte concoctions? Ya imagine they spent hours a day sitting down playing video games, surfing the net, watching the tube? Do you at least think they paid crazy memberships to gyms and health clubs dazzling with chrome and multi thousand dollar fitness machines and piped in tv and pop music so as to be entertained during their workout while wearing their latest lulemon attire and 120.00 dollar all supportive motion control microchiped fitness shoes?

Do ya really?


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