What If? An experiment in Living Well Part 1

you got up early each morning for meditation
you gave up news, in all media forms
you went to bed each night by ten
you gave up all junk tv, computer, and radio 
you limited recreational computer to a max of 30 minutes a day 3 days a week
you read 1-2 hours a day, at least half that time educational reading
you only consumed fresh vegetables, lean protein, and fresh fruit…no crap, no sweets, no processed. Only water and teas
you exercised 1-2 hours a day
you refused to engage in any gossip, unkind speech, cynical conversations, drama, or meaningless chatter
you spent at least 1-2 hours outside, preferably in nature, a day
you eliminated half of your ‘stuff’ and attended to mindfully and diligently cleaning your environment some each day

The Passage


Imogene Pass ~
This past Saturday I enjoyed my third pilgrimage run over the beautiful Imogene Pass thru the sacred peaks of San Juan’s. That run, its beauty, demands, and spirit never cease to amaze me and challenge me… 3/4 of the way up I found myself in the top 20 on pace for a 2:30-40 finishing time. As can happen a little ‘bug’ or who knows what asserted itself so backing off a tad I went with the flow of the mountain finishing 9th in my age group and top 15% over all. No regrets. Never regrets.Especially proud of my son Kerry for finishing his first Imogene with gallant tenacity. In addition, a joy to share the pilgrimage with my old WF bro Steve from Durango and Grand Junction friend Lara on her first run of the passage.

An interesting insight Kerry made… that the demographic of those running over the mountain revealed a completely different kind of character and ethos of most those we meet in daily life, not only in a fit body but in mind and perspective and values. Furthermore that if the majority of americans and of society embraced such a life and experienced such events that the whole character of the country would be entirely different. More mindful, more appreciative, more dialed in to what matters. Ripples. He is absolutely right. 

Choose well.

Another day of training, of caring for beloved dog on her last journey, tending to the cares of house and home and practice…Its a ‘long obedience in the same direction…’ that matters as Nietzsche wrote, yet as my good friend Cheyenne has observed “why train when you can enjoy instant gratification of the tv, the computer, the game console, the cell phone?” While yet another friend, Angie, observed You can’t upload love, download time and google all the answers to your life’s questions. You got to live some of your life.”

What’s your choice for the day, for this life? Choose well.