Women take Note!

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Few things to post here…
•First of all it is fantastic to witness the lot of you as you embrace the path of fitness and wisdom right before you. This world is crazier, scarier, and in many ways harder every single year and I feel we have some challenges and choices before us concerning that. It is our willingness as to how much we participate in that ‘world’ and how much we are going to take the higher path instead. Yes, the world is getting more disturbing but at the same time I for one am increasingly amazed at how phenomenal the universe and this incredible planet, our home,  really are.
So you can stay on the rat racing dreadmill of society living by its terms, conditions, contracts, threats and fears, all arbitrary and contrived mind you… or you can step off and live deeper within higher without.
•Secondly…most of you have likely noticed the new and evolving High Mesa Fitness® website. It isn’t done yet! More changes and additions on the way.
•Note especially that come early summer, likely in June, HMF is aiming to take some HMF friends and students on a backpack sojourn to southern Utah Canyon country. If you are interested please email me and let me know! There will be limited space.
•Lastly I will be posting occasional updates as to my own current training, races, events, and thoughts there of on this blog for those curious.