My good friend and High Mesa Fitness® tribal bro Steven Blondeau made a important post this morning on his blog The Gardening Life on the subject of Imperatives. The concept is that there are some things one attends to as best they can, no matter what, each day. These ‘imperatives’ are in fact the handholds that enable you to both progress up the rock face of life as well as enjoy the climb along the way. I don’t think there can be much joy or thrill of living without effort, exertion, and discipline in life. After all, the way you spend each day adds up to the way you spend your life.
Note, these are more than intentions. In Buddhist practice one is taught that intention carries great force and is often more important than outcome. I don’t disagree with this view yet I feel the idea can allow one to give less than they are capable of or is necessary to truly evolve.

Here is the link to Steven’s post:

My imperatives resonate…
• Train across the physiologic spectrum each day with varying emphasis.
cardio, strength, agility, flexibility. My mornings for instance almost always begin with joint mobility and kata ‘isk flows. Conditioning follows inclusive of  cardio and strength and yoga. Most evenings  find me at the dojo practicing the arts. Some days are yin some are yang.
• Spend at least 1-2 hours outside no matter the weather. The further from ‘town’ the better.
• Center myself in stillness with a period of Zazen and mindfulness ‘bells’ thru-out the rest of the     day…breath, posture, attention; be it in the middle of chores, training, work, or social. 
• Enjoy time with my family…foster and nurture that vital connection
• Enjoy/combine active time with my huskies. I might be disciplined but I am not domesticated.
• Read a book some each day. Sometimes this is studious other times not yet always edifying. 
• Detach from drama and mediocrity, practice equanimity. Equanimity is not going to happen on its on, it must be practiced like a guitar. Drama..those around me, the news, et. all. As ol Ed said, “don’t let the bastards get you down”

Only they who obey a rhythm superior to their own are free. -Nikos Kazantzakis

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