Its really quite simple

Okay, basically giving up the bulk of my professional secrets to being a fit, vibrant, healthy, slim, athletic being no matter your age or your history or your genes.

•Eat the way we humans are wired to eat. Live the way humans are wired to live.

That’s it. All I do as a trainer and coach is basically remind people of this and show them how. There is an art to it, there is science, a thousand wrong ways, a thousand right ways.

What amazes me is how friging apathetic and lazy and yes weak, weak by choice, people are to embrace this. They’d rather have a pill, an excuse, a instant gratification formula…lord anything but the truth and the practice! Why have vibrancy when you can be both miserable and a burden on the health care system?

First things first…and the following will comprise 90% of the nutrition lesson. No more sugar, wheat or grain-based, high fructose corn syrup, starchy, junky, high glycemic, lifeless manufactured fake food.

Secondly…get out there and move, strenuously, vigorously, a bare bare minimum of one hour a day and abandon the sedentary life.

These two changes…not for a while but for the rest of your life and obesity is history, diabetes is history, depression is history, cv disease is history, et. all.

You want more guidance…contact me. Its what I do.


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