The way you spend each day adds up to the way you spend your life.

The question was asked of me… ” Coach, I

need to find a rhythm in my days. Do you know any good scheduling tips?

First…decide what elements ya want in your day…training, reading, free time, family time, learning spanish, whatever. Then determine what has to be in your day… taking out the trash, doing dishes, cooking, etc.
Visualize your ideal day or even week or beyond…
Then instead of making a list or a ‘schedule’ compose it like a piece of music so 
it flows…it should be like the blues…where there is a progression and rhythm you follow but spaces where you totally improvise or are free to switch tempo if you want…without leaving the parameters of the flow..
Then to implement it ya have to practice it, just like learning to change gears on a bike..or learning scales on an instrument, or learning the steps of a dance. It feels awkward sometimes, even unnatural but as you mindfully practice the steps they will become natural and enable you to be so much more than you are.

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