Living Well

“Living well is the best revenge” ~ George Herbert 1643

What is living well? I think living well means cultivating a path of virtues, of values by which to guide ones life and then employing them. These virtues become a kind of code, like the Busido, not that lock you in to a box of rules or beliefs but rather propel you into living an authentic, genuine that not only empowers you but radiates out the world around you.
I don’t think this ‘living well’ is about becoming rich or famous or having a lot of cool stuff, being successful in the eyes of the status qu. Heck that is part of the problem. I don’t see such people who live that life really living any more well than those who are without means or power.
So what is the revenge against? If you have not figured that out yet you will as you become ever more true to your practice, your eyes opened, mind awakened, body vibrant.
In short it is against all those inner and outer forces that would keep you addicted to comfort, and entertainment, and mediocrity…that would have you buying into the bandwagon of you need this stuff, or eat that processed food, or to be a member of this church, or that ideology… that would keep you locked into a cage of illusionary but powerless fake and oh so temporary happiness.