Fitness Tip

Hydration: There is no more single important factor, other than breathing, in regards to ones health, fitness, and vitality than proper hydration. Not only is water absolutely necessary for life but it is the number one factor in performance…more than sleep, more than nutrition, more than training. In fact you can be getting plenty of rest, excellent nutrition, the best supplements in the world, and training like there is no tomorrow and it is essentially all for not if you are dehydrated. You will not improve. Your workouts will be near worthless, your fitness will actually decrease, your injury potential will increase radically… dehydrated enough and you are guaranteed an injury. Dehydration is the number one factor in ALL injuries in fact; your brain won’t function, you will not lose any fat, only lean tissue. Less than 5% dehydration can mean minutes slower in a simple 5K. …. all this plus you are actually endangering both your immediate health and safety long term.
So how much to drink and how? Here is a simple formula. Take your weight, divide it in half and convert to ounces. So if you are 120 pounds then 60 oz a day and that is your minimum. If it is warm or you are exercising more than 30 minutes add 10 oz. for each. That is now your minimum. If it is an herb tea or the like without sweetener your absorption will actually improve. Feel free to contact me for specific questions.


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