Fitness Tip

Those of you who are my students will likely (if you have been paying attention!) know these yet a reminder never hurts.  I am going to share periodically, in no particular order, some aspect of training or practice that will elevate your own health, fitness, well-being. Like tuning a guitar small tweaks each time will bring you into greater harmony and elevated vigor.

 Sleep. Near everyone I know is sleep deprived and unnecessarily so. There is no such thing as a nocturnal human, only those who force themselves via artificial lights to stay up past sunset. We are hardwired to obey natural circadian rhythms and disobedience leads to ever greater impaired physical and mental health moving one towards disease. Furthermore 99% of all humans require a minimum of 7-8 hours, 9 is ideal for athletes, and over 10 is as unhealthy as under 7 (with the exception now and then of sleep deprivation and or exhaustion..i.e. an Iditarod musher.) Thus 8 hours from 9PM to 5AM is much better for you than 12AM to 8AM. Remember it is during sleep that you get strong, not during your workout. It is during sleep that your brain goes in a restorative and deepening mode to foster greater understanding, memory, and clearness of thought. So if you are a student athlete not tending to sleep you are really hurting your cause!


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