A Challenge

next time you go to the grocery store… attempt this (and in your mind imagine what might be left):
•eliminate all and any foods which have transfat/hydrogenated oils
•eliminate all which have high fructose corn syrup
•eliminate all which have MSG (anything autolyze, like yeast, is the same as MSG btw.)
•eliminate anything in which sugar is in the first 10 ingredients
•eliminate anything in which enriched flour (wheat) is an ingredient
•eliminate anything in which salt is in the first 5 ingredients
•eliminate anything with additives or preservatives
•eliminate anything that likely has pesticide residue
•eliminate any meat or milk product which has incurred steroids, BGH, or antibiotics
•eliminate anything that does not come from within 300 miles (and that is stretching it)
and the list goes on…

See what we have left, if anything? That is about as close to real food as you are going to get. So if you want to talk about health care reform in our society you have to talk of this. Does it occur to anyone how insane it is that when you go into a grocery store you have to go to a special isle to get ‘natural’ food. So you see having an organic garden as we do is not some mere hobby. Seeking out range feed meat, if we eat meat at all, or wild game is not some mere interest.

And ya know what, even as athlete with a high metabolic rate I don’t have to eat half the food I normally might because I am getting a higher level of nutrition. People don’t need calories..their bodies are fat and starving for nutrients!


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