Things I learned from Building a Canoe

Things I learned from Building a Canoe by HMF student Michael Thompson ( Michael’s son Neil enjoying the craft)

· There is no substitute for learning at the side of a Master and Mentor; you just aren’t going to get it from books, videos, or the Internet;
· You absolutely use a different part of your brain, soul, and spirit when you create something; and in engaging that part of your Self you can achieve transformation;
· If you aren’t happy when you wake up most mornings, and excited to go to work, you seriously need to ask yourself if you’re in the right line of work;
· If you are Mindful in your work, you can turn out things of great Beauty;
· Periods when you aren’t Mindful will show up as marks or blemishes in your Effort; sometimes those are character marks, but most times they are signs of a lack of Attention and Discipline;
· There are times when you do something that you know is wrong and then it shows up in your work; one should consider why we deliberately do things that will mar Beauty and Harmony;
· We sometimes over-dramatize things in our Learning; sometimes a piece of wood is just a piece of wood; and
· Being humble is its own reward.