Resolutions vs. Intentions

Offering all my High Mesa Fitness® students and friends a Happy and Robust New Year filled with health, fierce fitness, and uncompromising joy.

Why am I offering you this boon? Because it is yours for the taking. It is not about wishing. Wishing is something people engage in who have selected fate as their calling card, who are inspired to ‘get by’ and that is about it. You want to fulfill those dreams, those goals, those resolutions then you will have to seize them as you seize each day, and when you fall off the horse you are back on so fast the horse never missed ya.

Author Jamie Sams, writes, “ Fate is the life path that is predetermined by our lack of attention to our choices” …and…“Destiny is the open-ended patterns of possibilities and probabilities that are fashioned and directed through conscious choices and freewill.”

Where is your attention in the year before you? To prepare every day to live and to die? Or are you going to simply perpetuate the living death of hoping, wishing, waiting, daydreaming, pretending, giving up, avoiding your all? I expect more of myself and I ask more of you. Of course there are obstacles. I could make a list a mile long of so called problems and obstacles to deal with, and most of them are real. So what?

My good friend and Olympic coach Dr. Jack Barnathon frequently talks about living the Heroic life, of moving beyond ‘good enough’. Dr. Jack says “A heroic life is experienced through hard, consistent effort and doing everything with passion and love. The kind of “strenuous life” Theodore Roosevelt challenged …each of us too… A heroic effort — whether at the squat rack, the rowing shell, the softball field or your own evening run along a quiet road with only the birds and bunnies as witness to your truth. You see, this is what the word Heroic means in our age of doubt and despair my friends. Hard, consistent effort. A ritual of living life as it ought to be…. And this age is crying out for the Hero’s to arrive.”

‘A ritual of living life as it ought to be’

Dr. Jack nailed it with that one.
I often speak of our society of addiction. Addiction to comfort, mediocrity, and entertainment. Those are the fields that those who have chosen fate as their coach play in.
Those are the addictions that will beg for your attention once the practice you set yourself towards gets tough, gets boring, seems without reward or advance. Beware because it will appear that those addictions are your friends. My own coach. Dr. Joe Vigil warned us to be aware of who are friends are for ‘you are who your friends are’ he said. These so called friends may be habits and addictions or even real people that frankly not only don’t support your intentions but hinder them, even contrary to them.

If you are on the high mesa you have responsibility to yourself and to others. Not to model down but to model up for them. How many, by keeping to your own life giving fierce discipline and joy, will have their own lives transformed and inspired?

So starting today set your path away from the way of fate and towards the way of freely chosen destiny. Give up the internet play or TV for those books, your own writing, or giving attention to a loved one; turn off the ipod or stereo and make your own music; get off the sofa and get under that squat bar or out on that trail; clear out all that clutter and live simply from now on without compromise; give up the sugar and sweets once and for all, not kind of but completely.

Good start. Its not enough though. All that is just clearing the brush away so you CAN and WILL live heroically. 99% of your limits are self-imposed and they are artificial. The cage is an illusion. You know how you imagine what you could be now and then…I mean really imagine…That is what I am talking of. To be a soul on fire…in all the soul’s expressions, body, mind, spirit. Be a bonfire!

In courage and strength,
Sensei Sheader