Spring Equinox

A glorious first day of spring to all of you on the High Mesa. I find this a most auspicious day to jump start the online version of High Mesa FitnessĀ® Field Notes.

Spring Cleaning. It simply feels right doesn’t it? We all engage in it or at least fantasize about it. As athletes you are encouraged to embrace a deep cleanse and detox this time each year. Winter is much like a cocoon. For me that does not mean idleness. It means I have been intent on deliberate practice and training over the winter, one benefit being that come spring I can emerge from winter’s nurturing womb and spread the wings of my transformation.
If you reflect on this you will discern the obvious, this quest for spring cleaning is more than detoxing the physiology. It is shedding the encumbrances of our larger living environs too.
I encourage you to go deep, cut down below the surface, cut off that old snake like skin, it might even hurt a bit. Chip off the encrustations that you have become attached too. Old paint, old clothes, old books, old keepsakes, old habits, all. Old as symbolic mostly; some items one may have had for a very long time and still enjoy till they are worn out. That is good. Its all those other things that just hang around like so many pieces of tethered cocoon, taking of space, adding weight, stagnating on you.
I think if one lives lighter, more like nomads, the sense of home will actually deepen, even if one remains at one address, the address will expand.
Sensei Sheader