Cultivating Strength

We either make ourselves miserable or we make ourselves strong. The amount of work is the same. – Carlos Castaneda

This last week of July found my family and I returning towards the heart of my homeland in Northern New Mexico/Southern Colorado. After a couple splendid days in Taos we made the way to Alamosa Colorado, right over the border, to the Adams State College elite high altitude training camp. During the week my own two ever faster offspring, Kerry and Lorien, and I myself immersed ourselves in the training and Spartan life the ASC tradition is known for.
Serving as a adjunct coach for the week I also was able to give a presentation on Integrated Training High Mesa FitnessĀ® style and lead a chi drenched class of solid sweaty mountain high yoga!
There is a saying that God lives at Cole Park, or least is to found there during a session of Intervals. I know of no other place where ‘godspeed’ is so well generated and where the mind, via training, is sharpened like a Samurai sword. Cole Park sits along side the Rio Grande between the Sangre de Cristo range to the east and the San Jung range to the west. A profoundly sacred locale. It is legendary among distance runners. It has been surmised that more world class and Olympic runners from around the world have done training there than any other single spot on mother earth.
I encourage you to stop by on a training pilgrimage if ever in the area. More so I encourage you to find your own Cole Park.
And may you meet the divine in your approach to ‘godspeed.’

Above photos: Doing Striders pre intervals. Lorien Sheader flying thru a 1000 meter repeat. Sensei Sheader, Kerry Sheader, pushing the pace thru mile repeats 4x 1mile at 5:08 pace. Elevation 7500 feet.
Below: staying together as the pack…