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We must be the change we wish to see in the world...Gandi
I know I said I would post a blog on ‘Awakenings’ yet first I want to share the following video…may it too inspire others to wake up.
~Sensei Sheader


de nada

Sensei Sheader is back to Field Notes…returning from the field as it were.
The summer has yet been far more the season of the ant than the grasshopper. Here at Sheader casa things have been happening as well as upon the Mesa. I do want to give a deep bow to warrior Bob Moses and his deep respect for the practice. Bob was here a few weeks ago for his first High Mesa FitnessĀ® Sesshin/consultation. Bob says:

“thank you and your family for the wonderful time I had in GJ. I’m always amazed at the openness of your home it is truly unique. Another great intensive w/ many seeds planted. It’s my job to make sure they germinate.”

Thank you warrior Moses for your devotion to your practice. We teachers are only fingers pointing to the heavens.

Sign up for your own private one on one Sesshin and High Mesa consultation. You will reap the rewards of a deeper and more actualized practice of integration and mastery.

(Did I mention the movie? Oh yes..well my agency called me a few weeks ago to be one of only a couple extras on the set of THE RETURN coming out around Christmas. It stars Tim Robbins, Rachel McAdams,and Michael Pena. My part? I played a camper.. of course!)

In the weeks ahead Sensei Sheader will be attending the world class High Altitude Distance Camp in Alamosa, Colorado both presenting and teaching the arts of yoga and conditioning as well as training in the high elevations himself.
A possible show at the USATAF Masters Track and Field Championships in Oreno, Maine; and pre competition training for this coming year’s rounds of Eskrima martial arts championships.

Watch for the next blog in the days ahead…”Awakenings”

Photo above…Warrior Moses still standing (barely)