You know…

you might be High Mesa Fitness® practitioner if:

~ your idea of decorating is hanging up Tibetan prayer flags

~ you look forward to getting up early (late is anything past 6 a.m.)

~ your body fat is several percent lower than anyone else you know

~ you use a bike more than a car

~ Mala beads are your most frequently worn accessory

– you can’t hit the gym without a bottle of Fortune Delight®

~ Intervals? Yeah baby!!!

~ you grow younger and wiser with each passing day

~ people think you are strange because of all the weird breathing exercises you do – you feel strange if you don’t do them

~ cleaning has become a Zen practice

– you own a pair of yoga toes® and wear them more than socks

~ your ‘non dominate’ side gets used just as much as your dominate side

~ you can eat a whole meal using chopsticks without dropping a bite

~ you sit in malasana at the airport instead of a seat

~ you naturally hold your hands in cosmic mudra between sets of squats

~ a two hour hike IS a recovery day

~ you have Neti pot and you are not afraid to use it

~ Kinhin, chakra, hara, proprioprocetive, Kanji, Nadi Shodana Pranayama, Lactate Threshold, concentric contraction, Mula Banda…are common terms in your vocabulary

~ you refer to the squat rack as the altar


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