The True Way

Master Dogen accurately stated ‘He who seeks not the hard way seeks not the true way‘ meaning at least in part, to be alert that you do not default to the path of least resistance in your life.

Its the way you walk far more than the talk that matters, it is living true to the ancient values of honor, discipline, courage, compassion, respect…rather than clinging to any one belief system that matters. It is not adherence to dogma that brings liberation. It is cultivation of living abundantly and deliberately that enables freedom, strength, and living in the sacred holy moment. In that one will always be traveling in step with the ‘divine’ no matter the structure they spring from.

How this fleshes out in your life is always for you to discern. I wake up with my first breath of the day focused on the living the day bravely and boldly and I encourage each of my athletes and students to do the same. What choices in your life are but a deviation towards going the way of less resistance? I think you can live a fuller life than that. I think you can serve a greater good than that.

Either way I in-courage you to really reflect on your daily decisions. Train everything, as Socrates states in the Peaceful Warrior.

‘In the end what matters most is
Did you live well?
Did you love well?
Did you learn to let go?”

Coach Sheader making a bold move with Olympian Pat Porter back in the day. U.S. National Cross Country Course


You know…

you might be High Mesa Fitness® practitioner if:

~ your idea of decorating is hanging up Tibetan prayer flags

~ you look forward to getting up early (late is anything past 6 a.m.)

~ your body fat is several percent lower than anyone else you know

~ you use a bike more than a car

~ Mala beads are your most frequently worn accessory

– you can’t hit the gym without a bottle of Fortune Delight®

~ Intervals? Yeah baby!!!

~ you grow younger and wiser with each passing day

~ people think you are strange because of all the weird breathing exercises you do – you feel strange if you don’t do them

~ cleaning has become a Zen practice

– you own a pair of yoga toes® and wear them more than socks

~ your ‘non dominate’ side gets used just as much as your dominate side

~ you can eat a whole meal using chopsticks without dropping a bite

~ you sit in malasana at the airport instead of a seat

~ you naturally hold your hands in cosmic mudra between sets of squats

~ a two hour hike IS a recovery day

~ you have Neti pot and you are not afraid to use it

~ Kinhin, chakra, hara, proprioprocetive, Kanji, Nadi Shodana Pranayama, Lactate Threshold, concentric contraction, Mula Banda…are common terms in your vocabulary

~ you refer to the squat rack as the altar