A Dream A Vision

by Kerry Sheader

I once walked into the hut of a wise man, and he spoke to me of
many things.
He told me to raise my hand and to wish, and I did. I did not make
any wish,
I just wished because it felt so good, and the full light of the
sun shone
through my hand as dawn broke through my palm, and there was a way
of golden
light and I entered it. I sat, a long way away. Then I stood in a
place of
sand, the fiery sun rose in front of me to the endless south, where
I could
feel the end of the universe, and the warm wind blew across my face
kissed me and filled my lungs with the light of the sun. As I
turned to the
west I was within a dry forest, with a flowing stream over a smooth
rock, who spoke to me of a light beyond the trees and smiled at me
with old
eyes, and my hands were warm and cold at the same time, and my eyes
cool and wet and I could see without pain. I turned to the east and
was in a
deep forest, I was on my back in a clearing with some light to my
left, and
a crisp darkness to my right, three trees in front of me, they were
next to my feet and a mile away at the same time, and beyond them
was a
place that I had once called home, but where I no longer belonged.
I looked
to the north and there was a beast, a white beast who told me what
to do,
and I was in a canyon, still facing north, my body and soul pressed
a wall of sandstone, which was warm and shone with the full light
of the sun
reflected from the south, but was wet and covered in lush green
moss, water
flowed along it. I stood up in the air and crawled into the very
face of the
rock and I was wearing black moccasins, which disappeared leaving
but the walls face exposed to the sun. I stood in a place of red
light and through the edges of my perception I saw a blizzard, and
two great
creatures walking side by side. Then I was standing in a stream,
colder than
anything, but still with a warm soul, and I was plunged underneath and
everything that I knew was chilled and washed away, I froze and it
was the
best I had ever felt, and I stayed under with my eyes open, smooth
beneath me, and I breathed the water, and my soul was cleaned by
it, and I
was filled with it, and it was sweeter than any fruit or drink
could ever
be, it was crisp and healthy and strong. I rose from the water and was
laying on the cool earth, looking straight at the dark early
morning sky
through a break in the trees above me, and the there were
uncountable stars,
and they were not of the world I knew, but of another place, too
far away to
know. I gave the wise man my greeting and walked out of the hut
into the


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