Acquisition vs. Renunciation

“The more you have the less you are.
The more you take the less you become”

Rather than seeking how much you can acquire this season consider how much you can trim away.
What extraneous habits to you have? How much frigging stuff, including the cool stuff, do you have that really just is clutter on the path, roadblocks to your training?

Enlightenment is really, from one perspective, removing the encrustations to reveal your true nature underneath.


A dedication to the pure

‘8 time National Cross Country Champion Pat Porter and Joseph Sheader on the course, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, Fall 1989’

The following poem (author presently unknown) is a dedication to all the harriers of all ages as they have embraced their regional, state, and national championships the past few weeks. Particularly to my teammates over the years, competitors, and the many athletes I have coached.
Is there any cleansing by pain as pure as a cross country run? Not this side of the bardo.

“There is, as perhaps you remember,
a very special time in the fall when the leaves are giving up their
year long roosts, and list sighingly down the cool brisk air, bouncing off
gamboling runners,
full chested with vibrant life.
Racing like the children we wish we could always remain, we scraped up the hills, waded through the slop, and gleefully mudded up anyone behind us.
And at the end, penned single file in the finish chute,
we groped breathlessly for the heaving back
of the fellow adventurer ahead of us. Then,
coaches forgotten and scores ignored,
we clomped around the course again,
all of us fall runners together, telling lies about
workouts and lovers,
and not really wanting to leave.
It was a quiet time, a simple time,
and whatever noisy and troubled adulthood
we have gone to, each fall,
when the leaves flutter downwards
in the crisp autumn air,
we are
cross country runners